We specialise in dermal fillers, Botox, fat dissolving, vitamin boosters and many other treatments. We are medically-led, and highly conscientious, ensuring your procedure has the best possible outcome, and providing aftercare and corrections if needed.


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Non-invasive rhinoplasty

A non-invasive rhinoplasty can have a superb effect on your appearance and profile. For aesthetic treatments in Ilford: email us today!  more  

Russian lips

Our medically-led, aesthetics clinic in Ilford, team will ensure your Russian lips treatment is performed to the highest level.  more  

Lip enhancement

You can enhance your looks by contacting LA Aesthetics for aesthetic treatments in Ilford. Filler injections are a safe way to have fuller and plumper lips.  more  

Cheek Contour

If you are concerned about the profile of your cheek bones, why not contact our medically-led aesthetic clinic in Ilford?  more  

Jaw Contour

Our medically-led aesthetic treatments in Ilford will ensure your jaw enhancement is exactly as you want.  more  

Chin enhancement

You can enhance your chin and bring together your whole appearance, with a simple enhancement using non-invasive fillers available at our aesthetics clinic in Ilford.  more  

Anti-wrinkle injections

We provide anti-wrinkle injections, with a variety of treatment options, including Botox. Contact us for a consultation and more aesthetic treatments in Ilford.  more  

Tear trough filler

LA Aesthetics, the aesthetics clinic in Ilford, uses hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in the body, to plum and firm the hollows under the eyes.  more  

Fat dissolving injections

LA Aesthetics, for aesthetic treatments in Ilford, we use Aqualyx for fat dissolving injections, which removes fat without surgery.  more  

Skin Boosters

Skin Boosters can be used for the face, neck, hands, knees, and arms.  more  

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